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[Solved] Increase Domain Authority: How I Boost/Increase My Domain Authority From DA4 to DA23 in 1 Week  


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In this post, I will reveal how I boost my Domain Authority from 4 to 23 within 1 week step by step. Yeah, one single week went from DA4 to DA23. My story will be an eye-opener to you just like it was to myself seeing my Page Authority Also moved from 5 to 21 (PA5 to PA21) during the same week. So, let us dive into the secrets to ranking your websites higher on Google, Bing, Yahoo and more as higher domain authority signify higher chances of ranking over your competitors with less Domain Authority.


How I Boost/Increase Domain Authority From 4 to 23 in One Week:

The following steps are needed to increase your domain authority:

1) Start with DED (miss this discovery of mine and it will take months/years to achieve)

2) Write quality contents

3) Share to social media

4) Build backlinks

5) Build internal links

6) Actively and continuously market your old content 

7) Keep your SEO active (Whitehat only)


Let us dive in fully below and as usual, if you been following me on this forum, I like to pick each step as a single answer so you can easily use the reply button under each to ask questions or add a contribution to the exact step of interest to you. Mind you, you can't interact with my content except you are a member of this forum and its free to join (do so now and let's roll).


But first, 


What is Domain Authority (DA)?

Domain Authority (also populary known as DA) is the overall rating of the possibility of a website domain ranking in search engine result pages like Google and others. The rating is done by MOZ and place on scale of 0 to 100. 

The higher the number, the higher the chances of the domain to outrank competitors with lower DA in search results.

For example; has DA100 and PA100 has DA96 and PA91



What is Page Authority (PA)?

Similar to DA explained above, PA is ranking for individual pages on the website, unlike DA that combines all together. Usually, the homepage does have the highest Page rank above other inner post pages.

I think you have a better understanding of what we are about to discuss next.....

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1) Start with DED (miss this discovery of mine and it will take months/years to achieve)

If you stay and read to the end of my story, you are just a few hours away to achieving the same result.

It took me a week because it was a discovery by now am here to hold you by hand and reveal my discoveries to you.

So you won't have to waste time and go through the stress I went through to figure things out.

This is my story.....

Precisely August 2019, I decided to create a unique website that is different from what every SEO and blogging coaches are teaching out there, yeah they tell you to start a blog and write 2,000+ words, publish like 30-100 articles and leave it for google to pick within 6months to 2years and then you have a passive income blog....

cool its working but I want something different...

Yeah, this question and answer forum was birthed (though not my first website, been a web designer and SEO consultant for over 7years now)

and then many newbies get stuck and discouraged as they see their website/blog seemly looking like a graveyard where no one read their contents even though it well researched and helpful but no reader


Most ignored the DED......

yeah, what is DED? you will discover it later in this article, so relax and read on...skip and miss secret info imbedded in a different section of this story.

The newbies get a keyword or brand based domain, build their site and write articles but months later they are still not ranking top position that will roll in traffic on Google or other search engines.

I did same even though have been into SEO for almost a decade, I couldn't think deeply till my eye pop up to these secrets that eventually became a game-changer for me

and it works for anyone either you are a newbie or just starting a website (blog, niche sites etc.) or even already own a website but your Domain Authority (an indicator of your website ranking strength) is far from the hard work you have put into things all these months and years.


Finally, DED means....... Deleted Expired Domain


What is a Deleted Expired Domain?

A deleted expired domain is a domain that was ones in use but was eventually dropped after it expired and the owner did not renew it. Read Top 50+ Expired Domains Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

The following are the steps involved with a domain

1) The domain is fresh (never been registered on the internet before)

2) The domain is registered (now in use and has expiring date depending on years paid to the domain registrar by the owner)

3) The year-end but the owner did not renew

4) The domain registrar like Namesilo (click to register a cheap domain with full privacy for free) give 5 to 30days window for the owner to renew but the owner fails to do so

5) The registrar then push the domain to open auction (at this point the registrar can still help the owner retrieve it for extra bucks up to $100+) but if no one else registers or buy the auctioned domain name,

6) The domain is returned by the registrar to the open market which means the domain name is now available to be re-registered by anyone for the same cheap fee of a new domain

think of the domain now back to step (1) above

but this time, it's is no more a fresh domain...

It is now called a Deleted Expired Domain


Why Does Deleted Expired Domain Matters To SEO and Domain Authority?

Yeah, this makes me continue my personal experience story from where we stopped to explain what a deleted domain is.

I finally did keywords research and search analysis for the domain name which eventually got me a sweet nice name that goes with this forum like nature and at the same time get roughly 5,000+ average monthly searches.

The name was 

It was a fresh domain no one else ever used in the history of the internet which means I had to build a lot of useful contents with quality backlinks to get it up running....

based on my previous experience, fresh domain goes into probation period with Google for at least first 3 to 6 months.....

. hope you are spotting the reasons why your powerful contents are not ranking yet..


your website is simply going through a phase of life where Google and others need to test and build trust with it and if you do not push hard within this 3months to 6months you may remain in that probation long enough to be a year old there before you start seeing traffic from Google and co.

This is the stage where all you were thought about building passive income with your website is almost becoming an impossible dream but hold on, it will be over...

yeah, that is if you had done the needful and avoid junk contents, if not in 2years, you might not be near escaping the probation...

am not talking from an assumption, am talking from experience because have built over a dozen websites personally (clients projects not included) within the last decade online.


As a fresh domain, everything is at zero levels Domain Authority and Page Authority (DA0/100 , PA0/100),

I hit the ground running with spending hours to swiftly build quality backlinks and also load it with unique and quality SEO questions and answers in different niches (don't forget to join me on this forum for discussion on just any niche you want, if not available, request it to be added).


Two months after I registered the domain (on 12th August 2019),

that was 12th October 2019, I discovered that the Domain Authority was just jacked up from DA0 to DA4 and the Page Authority lifted from PA0 now sitting around PA5 to PA6.

That is still a way too far to start seeing meaningful traffic and outrank my competitors for in-depth discussion posts have done so far.


Coincidentally just a few days before it clocked 2months old, have been researching for a client dropshipping business setup and decided to try out deleted expired domain so the dropshipping store would kick start with good ranking chances than using fresh domain.

The big secret is just about to be discovered by me that turned things up positively....

It turned out that the deleted expired domain I eventually picked for my client was all I was waiting for to open my eye to these secrets

Yeah, it harder to even check the SEO and DA of deleted expired domain especially if they had been deleted for over 6months. Most DA checker tools out there only check for a live website not unregistered or deleted expired domain..... so, I had to combine about 5 to 7 different tools together which eventually gave some green light but not fully because the domain has been deleted for a while before I spotted it....


Wondering how I spotted it?

keep cool, will reveal it for you later in this, stay glued and read on.


I registered my client dropshipping store deleted expired domain with Namesilo to enjoy the free domain privacy feature which most other domain registrar charges for yearly.


I connected it with a cheap and reliable 1 cent ($0.01) hosting am using  and boom,

my eye pops out wide...




Yeah, right before me, my MOZ bar (that's the official MOZ bar who own the DA/PA ranking tool so this wouldn't have been a mistake).

check what I saw in the screenshot below before I explain it

Right before you is a day old domain already having amazing SEO friendly stats;

Domain Authority = DA14 (that's 14 over 100 maximum scales for DA ranking)

Page Authority = PA16 (that's 16 over 100 maximum scales for DA ranking)

Spam Score = 0% (that's 0% over 100% maximum scales for spam ranking by MOZ)

Don't bother about the 0 (zero) links that is due to the domain been off and unused for a while so the tools can not easily attribute it with connected Backlinks. All that will show up once the store is up and running fine. No website can get to DA14 without a single backlink, so it's the tools that aren't spotting them.

Immediately I saw that, my heart went straight to my website I just started 2months back (this forum) and I decided to reapply the tips and tweaks I did to find such a high ranking domain and still able to buy it for tokenless than $10 as I would have done with a fresh domain which would have zero DA and PA.

Amazing right,


I took the challenge head-on and in 24hours,

I was able to spot another domain with the following;


Domain Authority = DA13 (that's 13 over 100 maximum scales for DA ranking)

Page Authority = PA26 (that's 26 over 100 maximum scales for DA ranking)

Spam Score = 0% (that's 0% over 100% maximum scales for spam ranking by MOZ)

Backlinks = 200+ and all a do-follow from sites with good DA.

Cool, that was simply a goldmine domain in the SEO world.


I swiftly register it for less than $9 at Namesilo with full domain privacy for free

If you discover such and still slow down for hours or days later you might discover someone else have registered it, it happened to me on 2 separate domains during the cause of this research. so, i don't delay nor take chances anymore....

The domain is

immediately I switched from my old domain to,

my humanly unsatisfiable taste to push further kicked in and ones again decided to cross-check if I could get another deleted expired domain that could have between DA20 to DA40 to register without having to cough out $500 to $10,000 for a non-deleted expired domain,


Yeah, there are deleted domains that some people spot, registered it not because they want to use it but to resell at a higher price which usually starts at auction or direct sale from $500 to over $10,000 and even higher.

For such I call it non-deleted expired domain, it has expired from the actual owner that built the DA, PA and Backlinks and now in the hand of a domain flipper that isn't interested in using it but just to buy cheap and then resell for profit.



got in and within 24hours I was able to spot another one

and that is what you have me eventually using for this forum


WHY Use Deleted Expired Domain?

1) Am freaking tired of waiting for Google probation of new fresh domain,

writing helpful and unique articles like this and yet having to wait for 3months to 6months before it can rank simply because my domain as a whole is not yet trusted enough by search engines like Google to warrant pushing me high on their SERP (Search Engine Ranking Pages).

that is discouraging and I can say based on experience this has truncated the dreams of many newbie bloggers and niche site owners from reaching their dream of passive income via their website...

they can't just wait a whole year just to be trusted for higher ranking they deserve with their unique contents..


2) It is a leverage

You have heard of using other peoples money but this is using other people's labour legitimately for free

for Free?

Yeah for free, 

Someone or set of people within space of 2 to 10years have used the domain to host their website,

they built backlinks, went through the 3-6months probation period for new fresh domains,

they share it on social media,

did on and offpage seo and even wrote quality contents which made search engines like Google rank them already,

They did all above hard task just for you to pick up the domain one day, zoooooooooooom with your content and start enjoying the good works immediately.

No 3-6months probation,

No hard labour to move from DA0 and PA0

Every little effort you add to it will swiftly keep the SEO and ranking growing faster than a fresh domain can ever achieve for you.


3) Money is in the Authority

Based on experience, have gotten offers that netted me free subscriptions to expensive software, earned cash and more just because my website has a high authority and built your website to such level you can join sponsored content website so client can find your website and submit paid contents.

Also, some will naturally find you out for partnership or payment.

So, why waste 3months, 6months or even 1year in Google probation with fresh domain when you can start right from day one ranking your contents simply leveraging the power of deleted expired domain which cost same price as the fresh domain (that's a bigger win)


4) Domain Authority is not easily manipulatable

If you have been in this internet game for some years now, you will see that there are some rankings that can easily be inflated

for example, when people observed that some advertisers where prioritizing Alexa ranking, they started inflating with fake bot visitors and push the Alexa ranking lower,

But ask just anyone,

they will tell you DA is a very hard nut to crack and not easily manipulated like Alexa and other rankings.

Thus, starting with a domain which already built a meaning Domain Authority is a plus worth considering.


That been said, back to my story


Eventually, I landed with the following mouth-watering SEO friendly ranking

Domain Authority = DA23 (that's 23 over 100 maximum scales for DA ranking). This DA would naturally take me between 1year to 2years to achieve if I were to build the domain authority from DA0 myself. So, it a readily done job for me.

Page Authority = PA21 (that's 21 over 100 maximum scales for DA ranking) - it jumped to PA22 less than 3 days after I applied my prefered Backlinks websites list

Spam Score = 0% (that's 0% over 100% maximum scales for spam ranking by MOZ)

Backlinks = 200+ and do-follow/no-follow from sites with good DA.

Domain Age = Coincidentally, the domain was just a few days to clock 10years old it was first registered when I spotted and registered it. 

The first user registered it in 2009 and got its first Wayback machine snapshot on October 14th 2009 while I bought it around 12th October 2019. Domain age plays an equally important role is skipping the probation period when starting a new website/blog/niche site.

Cool, that was simply another huge goldmine domain in the SEO world.



I was able to move my website from DA4 to DA23 within a week just by researching and finding the deleted expired domain and then transfer the website to the newly founded goldmine which gave me an instant 20 point DA increase from the previous domain. (DA4)

to (DA13) - If you have interest in this domain, you can send me an offer and if worthwhile might consider selling to you (not promising though)

finally to (DA23) in one single week.


WARNING: Except you are starting with a brand name to push, don't ever start a website/blog/forum/niche site on a fresh domain that has never been used before.


NOTE: You need to do your research well even when you sport a deleted expired domain to ensure the past/previous users did not use it for illegal activities which may land you into legal trouble as the new owner if those they have scammed come after you presuming the website is still run by the previous owner.


So, how do you get started to grab high DA deleted expired domain to replace your current domain in probation or use for your upcoming projects/blog/niche websites?

I couldn't pull everything down here and at the same time want to give personal support to you in the process of implementing this same feast within next 24hours,

Thus, I have decided to put together a video course for you at a very crazy discounted price

Yeah, you pay just token of $750 $450 (or pay with crypto and even enjoy a further discount of about 25% at $350 only below)

if you decide to pre-order now using the button below as am currently putting the videos together but once completely available to full launch the price will jump by at least 100% to $900 and boom to $1500 above.

I don't need too many people to use my method, there are lot of methods out there that have tried out too but will likely end up just showing you Godaddy auctions list which is usually premium (over $10 to register) and could even end up having low DA after you buy it off (the higher the DA, the higher the price running to tens of thousands of dollars).


What will the course contain?

The course will contain the following:

Course Outlines:

1) Where to buy and expired domain name with high traffic (high DA PA Expired Domain): The trusted platform I use to check for valuable Deleted Expired Domains with domain authority (over 1 million of them) - [Video]

Yeah, I mean domains you can register with any domain registrar of your choice instantly for just $10 or less after spotting it and using the no 2 methods below to confirm its genuineness.

You won't cough out a huge dollar on auctioned domains again to get good SEO domain names. 

This alone saved me over $300 to $2,000+ if I were to buy from sites like Flippa, Godaddy auction and others. Instead of spending that huge, you will discover in part 5 of this course how to begin selling your discovered domains instead on those platforms for a huge profit.


2) How to buy an expired domain: 7 Things to look out for in the domain (miss this buying expired domains and you could land yourself into serious legal trouble with a deleted expired domain in your quest of how to get an expired domain) - [Video]


3) The tools I used to cross-check the 7 most important things to check above for a good dropped domain and high da pa expired domains - [Video]


4) How to make money with expired domains: Tips to make money with this discovery (yeah, you can start a successful domain flipping business without buying junk domains that go unsold) - [Video]


5) Special support via mail to help with your first deleted domain in case you get lost in making a decision when you suddenly discovered multiple suitable domains with all the above 7 criteria satisfied.


Why is it that cheap now $450?

Because you are trusting me to pre-order this course which will be fully launched by 15th of November 2019 and I want to appreciate you with a huge discount too for the trust. 

Your trust worth more than a million-dollar to me. Thanks so much...

But in case, you have doubts, then you can keep your money to yourself till course launched and pay more.

The ball is in your court.

PAYMENT OPTION 1 (Internationally Secured Mastercard, Visa or Verve Card Payment Gateway):


You don't need to do the research as you can buy and resell to make more money online on domain flipping websites. Interested?

Checkout Best Expired Domain Names List here.



PAYMENT OPTION 2 (Secured Crypto Payment With Additional 25% Off Card Payment Price):


Checkout Best Expired Domain Names List here.

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2) Write quality contents

Don't move to this step if you have not gotten yourself with a deleted expired domain of at least DA8 and at least 1year old domain age to avoid your quality contents wasting away for months due to your domain undergoing probation from search engines like Google.

Once you have fulfilled that, there is no alternative way to enjoy and maximize the juicy SEO benefit of your domain than quality contents.

Fill your website with junks and even a high DA expired domain you buy will end up crashing down.

I can help handle Web design, Digital Marketing, grow real followers on social media, whiteboard animation, crypto investments, blog and also offer TRAINING in all above mentioned and make money online guides.

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3) Share to social media

Share your post to social media. It is essential to have at least one to two social media accounts where you can push for instant and continuous free traffic like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more.

Social signals also could help boost your SEO.

I can help handle Web design, Digital Marketing, grow real followers on social media, whiteboard animation, crypto investments, blog and also offer TRAINING in all above mentioned and make money online guides.

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4) Build backlinks

Backlinks are non-negotiable.

Work on getting quality backlinks only and avoid junks.

See Websites List For Backlinks

I can help handle Web design, Digital Marketing, grow real followers on social media, whiteboard animation, crypto investments, blog and also offer TRAINING in all above mentioned and make money online guides.

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5) Build internal links

Yeah, while focusing on building backlinks from external websites to yours. Don't forget to interlink your contents too especially use it to help boost less performing posts via links from the higher-ranking posts on your site.

I can help handle Web design, Digital Marketing, grow real followers on social media, whiteboard animation, crypto investments, blog and also offer TRAINING in all above mentioned and make money online guides.