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Top 15 Reasons Why Paypal Limits A Paypal Accounts  


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One of the challenges faced by Nigerians online is payment and the most acceptable platform that solves that is Paypal but with a drawback of a lot or limit on Nigeria Paypal account.

Considering the fact that the limits are not the focus of this article but if you eventually have your way to open Paypal account, what could cause them to limit it. Thanks to Okwaifugo for the list and have expanded on it.

1. Failed Debit:

PayPal tried to withdraw money from your bank account or credit card and was declined.

2. Previously frozen details:

You PayPal account shares similar details with an account that has already been frozen.

3. You got a charge back - refund request

A charge-back was filed against you. 

4. You own Paypal

Your PayPal account is in negative balance

5. You withdraw huge amount at a go

You withdrew or transferred $3,000 or more from your PayPal account within 24 hours or over a weekend.

6. Suspicious Paypal account activities

Your overall withdrawal and deposit activity is "suspicious."

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7. Different and controvertialdetails

The name on your bank account or credit card does not MATCH exactly with the name on your PayPal account 

8. Running multiple accounts

PayPal has reason to believe you have more than the allowed two PayPal accounts (One Personal Account/One Premier Account). 

9. Unverified account used for transactions

You chose to use your PayPal account without verifying it. 

10. You put wrong contact details

PayPal tried to contact you over the phone and you did not answer. 

11. Unfamiliar location - Paypal will reject login

You logged into your PayPal account from a location that was not your usual log in location.

12. Your account was reported to Paypal for fruad

A third party contacts PayPal saying -- without evidence -- that you are engaging in fraudulent activity. 

13. Using VPN and Paypal got to know about it

You went to PayPal's website and logged in using a proxy service or other anonymous software that you use to protect yourself on the internet.

14. Sudden high amount received

You’ve received an abnormally large amount of money in your account that is way above your average.

15. You delay sending required details per time

PayPal requested information from you which you supplied -- but you did not supply it fast enough.

Those are the 15 top reasons while Paypal may limit your account.

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