Sextual purity  

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*Message to d youth*

*Sexual Purity*

To d virgins -- U're nt abnormal. Whether u're a guy or a lady.
To all guys-- Bin manly is nt about slipin around or about *"d girls love me" "they jst love me" "they jst wanna b wit me"*. *Manliness* is ur ability 2 hold ur body. When u have d *capacity* 2 do sumtin & u say, *"I won't"*, that is *manliness & self-control*. You call urself a *big boy* & ur *tin* is d 1 leadin ur life, dat's nt self-control or bin a man @ all.

There's notin bad if u're a virgin. It's nt a stigma.

I knw alot of people are not virgins anymore. I knw they re many. Either u were *sexually abused or* u were *naive* & u *gave in* 2 sum1 earlier *or* with ur own 2 legs, u said *"I want it, let's do it"*, I don't want to know what category u fall in2, but it's not over. Sexual Purity is nt about nt haven don it b4, it's about even when u've done it b4, u're tellin urself that *"I'm nt doin it anymore"*..
*NB*--- d same *honor God* gives 2 a virgin who neva did it b4, is d same honor *He* will give 2 sum1 who as done it b4 but propose that he/she wil not do it anymore.
*Do u knw y?*
It's *more difficult* 2 stop after u've done it before *than* if u've never done it b4.

*To d 1ce dat re stil doin it*--- please decide today that u're *done*, decide 2 stay *sexually pure, Hold urself & Honor God*. Tell God *"I'm gonna kip myself 4 my husband/wife* & most importantly, *I'm gonna kip it 2 honor God*.
*Jesus died 4 u, dat girl as yt 2 die 4 u. I assure u that, if u die, she wil find another boyfriend. If u die, that boy wil find another girlfriend. But Jesus Christ matas alot & u mata alot 2 Him.*

*Don't 4get that d devil is investing alot in2 this sexual trash*

*Don't 4get 2 share*

Posted : 16/05/2018 7:31 am
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Posted : 16/05/2018 7:49 pm


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