REVIVAL OR RUIN (2 OF 20) by Stan Coffey  

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Romans 1:14-17

Tonight my subject is revival or ruin. Revival or ruin. There are two things that we find tonight as we look at the first chapter of the book of Romans particularly in the last half of this chapter.

Number one we find man's ruin and number two we find God's remedy for revival. We find the only hope in our way of life in America as we know it. The only hope for the spiritual recovery of this nation is found in Romans Chapter 1.

You know the book of Romans has been considered by the greatest of Christians to be the most important book in the Bible. The first commentators said that every great movement of revival in the history of the Christian church has been a result of a new study in the book of Romans.

All of us are well familiar with the thought that Martin Luther broke away from the Roman Church after the concept of justification by faith, which we find in the teachings of Romans, had gripped his heart and set his heart aflame in a way that he had never known before.

And we learn if we study the life of John Wesley that it was as study of the book of Romans in which he was involved when he said that his heart was strangely warmed in those prayer meetings in London.

I believe that every great revival that will ever come will come as God's people realize the truths and the riches that God has for them as He gave them to the apostle Paul in this letter to the Romans.

I think it is quite wonderful that in this year of Good News Texas we are in a study across our convention of this wonderful book and I believe God is saying, ''This is the year of revival. This is the year when I want to bless my people.'' This is the year when God's people will pay the price.

So in the first chapter of Romans what we find is Paul describing the belief of the gentile's world, those who do not know the word of God. In vivid and descriptive language, he takes the pen given t ...

Posted : 12/06/2018 5:45 am

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