My question goes to y'all planning on celebrating Nigeria independent day @ home and Abroad.

Before you jump out with your green white green dress to jubilate without shame, 

              Please thoughtfully Ask yourself the following questions.....


#1. What's that I'm celebrating,

Being a slave in your land of Nativity?.


#2. Are you celebrating living in darkness,

 No electricity @ 24th century?.


#3. Are you celebrating injustices?.

 Where government unleashing terror to her citizens


#3. Are you celebrating corruption?

 Where there's enough to build the basic amenities of life.


#4. Are you celebrating no good medical system?. 

Where your president will be under the oath and break the law by spending over 100 days in a foreign hospital to get a better healthcare.


#5. Are you celebrating your schools not being among the first 1000 standard schools in the world?.

 Where graduates has been searching for a good paying jobs for 20yrs.


#6. Are you celebrating no good roads in your country and no tangible mega Fed. gov. Project phisible anywhere in Nigeria for over 4 decades now.

#.7.......Are you celebrating your shambling Economy?.

Under 12months dollar gains over 300% under your watch.


#8.........Are you celebrating the military taking over the job of police?

Killing unarmed civilians.


#9..........Are you celebrating the only country in the world that recognizes and operates 2 substandard constitution. SHARIA LAW AND MILITARY LAW.?

No real Democratic constuted Law, yet you keep shouting We're in democracy.


#10..........Are you celebrating the country that has no future plans for you and me?.

Where the so called leaders has their plan B future packages in Abroad.


#11..........Are you celebrating a country full of Rocket science brains and still Elect. An 87yrs old tribalistic man with a cow brain......what a wasted 4yrs.


#12..........Are you celebrating a country where the leaders will loot and loot and keep looting?

..now they're grooming their kids in Abroad to take over the looting business.



Suffering and Smiling.


This cause for deep thinking. Nigeria, a great country where the leaders amass wealth for their  generation which they won't live to see but some citizens which has equal right to this money can't even afford 3 square meal.....sigh


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