I can't resist the temptation of sharing this Rhema with someone again;


Last Easter holiday was incredible for me, i had a good time dating married people throughout the break.


One particular date was the highlight of my experience, i reconnected with an old childhood friend who is now married and blessed with kids, lucky for me i got invited over to her house for some chicken stew, and gbraaaaaa! The Holy Ghost gave me a mind shift! 


I was watching the movie WAR ROOM with her husband in the living room. Yea i know,  i have seen that movie a thousand times over,  turns out that they have also seen it a million times too,  but he decided we should see it again, but i didn't know he was setting me up.


Half way through the movie her husband turned to me and said "Bro, when you get married, will you practice having a separate  room where you and your wife can always go in and spend time with God?"


I laughed, and i was like "naaa brother, our bedroom will be big enough for us to wiggle and pray, i don't fancy this war room Christian concept of prayer"...


Then he asked why?


and i said "because a soldier doesn't need a room to be ready for war, everywhere is his battle field"...


In my mind i was satisfied with that answer, and am sure even you reading this right now see that answer as quite a good reason why we don't need to have a war room when we can be the battle. But euhmmm, when the Holy Ghost wants to school you, your wisdom  cannot do five press up. 


My mistake was to ask him "Bro P,  what are your own thoughts? Am sure you have a war Room somewhere in this bunk,  i can even smell the anointing oozing out through the key hole" .... 


The next thing he said was "No Allison, what you're smelling is my wife"....


I am not sure you caught that Rhema,  so let me rephrase...


"No Allison, the anointing you're smelling is coming from my wife"......


Wait, i leaned into the couch first, and took a sip out of my drink to bring back my senses. I was silent for 60seconds,  still processing that statement... "what you're smelling is my wife".


See i had to ask him further, because this kind of thing somebody cannot keep quiet...


I asked curiously,

"so Bro P, why don't you have a war room?"


He replied with a degree of calmness i have never seen in a husband before; 

"who needs a war room when i can have a war spouse? "


Okay, at this moment my senses came back to me... WHO NEEDS A WAR ROOM WHEN I CAN HAVE A WAR SPOUSE!


Hmmm, but what does it mean bro? 


"you were right when you said a soldier doesn't need a room to be ready for war, everywhere is his battle field, but it is important to have a war partner, a fellow soldier in arms who you can agree with over any situation in the name of Jesus. My wife is my war partner, we don't need a room to bring chariots down from heaven, every time we hold hands the devil knows what's coming next, we are like a combined China and American missile, the anointing you were perceiving was oozing from her, she's my war machine, and i am hers"


Guys, having a war room is great,  a place of quiet and peace where you can always go in, shut yourself out of the noisy world, and just spend time with God and win your battles of faith,...


But imagine if this room was your husband, or wife? Imagine if your spouse was the sanctuary where all your battles of faith are fought and won. Imagine if your spouse was that quiet room where you can always go and spend time with God in sweet fellowship? Wouldn't it be better? It will be like you're going everywhere with the ARK of God.


Mehnn, marriage is awesome, i say this with all confidence, if it is not a goldly marriage then it's no marriage at all, if my spouse cannot be an extension of God's fellowship with me, i don't want it.


Please share if you caught this Rhema, we need more BATTLE ARKS!

#ConfessionsOfAGoodMan #allisonhyacintho


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