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We have decided to start considering cryptocurrency based or related projects direct adverts placement on this forum. Thus, the following applies:

One of our uniqueness and why you may need to consider our platform for promotion is that we are African focused. Thus, if your project is boarderless and without location restrictions then targeting African investors, participants and community will be a successful move for your crypto project.

Africans especially Nigeria has proven to top crypto investments. For example, Nigeria is named as second largest purchaser of Bitcoin on peer-to-peer platform according to LocalBitcoin users statistics.


Kindly note that every advertiser through any of the ads plans below is  directly contributing to helping achieving the following aims of this forum:

1) Helps us empower African Youths to earn legitimately online via this platform ads revenue share.

2) Helps us donate 10% to charitable causes (NGOs,street children back to school, health causes) across Africa via this platform ads revenue share.

3) Helps us sponsors viable ideas from African Youths to transform our continent.

Visit our ABOUT US page to learn more of why we are unique forum worth partnering with.


Promotional options:

Direct ads on the forum (Banner,Link, Social media for 30days)

For now, we are only open to 3 projects per month to help us give deserving publicity and represent advertisers interest more throughout the month. Thus, the earlier your project applies the better.

<> Appears on Homepage, all forum categories and discussion boards

<> Appears within posts after every 2 reply on posts to make sure its user interactive.

<> Appears on PC and mobile version

<> Your Project Airdrop/ICO/Product/Service will be tweeted 5 times daily (150 tweets/month) throughout the ads period via our founder twitter handle with over 55,000 real followers and we also tweet it in non-English languages to reach more prospective investors/customers. (check sample of our delivery of over 3Million impressions for an ICO at end of this post). You can confirm at

<> Your platform will be included as Sponsor of our Weekly Giveaway (We empower African youths via earning weekly from this forum ads revenue share doing some required tasks which includes our sponsors promotional tasks to join your Telegram, Airdrop, ICO, Presale, Twitter and others.). To learn more how this works, Click Here

<> One Sponsored review post about your project on this forum and promoted via our social media and premium ads platforms weekly. Total of 4 review posts in a month.


Fee =

Before payment kindly pick chat via telegram (@Oskaaay) or Whatsapp  for us to check and approve that we can advertise your project before you proceed to payment below (we are very selective in our ads choices and reserve the right to reject any project without much explanation).

Monthly ads fee should be paid in BTC, BCH, ETH or WAVES into officially approved accounts below only [Prices are adjust based on current market value of the coins. Thus, it do change from time to time to make sure advertisers not over charged];

0.4BTC 0.25BTC/Month to 3LzC3GHSfHXVonHCmG5ZSYFe5anypouPXA

6ETH 4ETH/Month to 0x7b6dde23a733d7a2bbb36258c03bef796276eba9

4BCH 2.5BCH/Month to  qz6m2yxl9d0ajkm3p8dnnqxac7uzeyuk8ydsnujd6t

600Waves 400Waves/Month to 

  • foskaay

(just type that Waves address alias name in the receive address and make sure its correctly spelt and marked green as correct. If  it shows red, kindly recheck spelling).

After payment, Kindly send your payment details including TXid, ads banner, content, article etc. to Olasunkanmi @

Your ads will start and you will be notified within 24-72hours.


 Sample ICO push done on twitter via @Oskaaay Twitter handle:




NOTE: Incase you are not interested in the paid promotion, You can always create official account and post free on this forum to reach Africans.

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