How To Create Whatsapp Direct Chat Link To Your Number Not Group  

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Hello, today you will discover how you can create whatsapp chat link which pick up chat directly with your number or any other phone number of choice instead of group making it easier for people to pick live chat with you without first having to save your number and lot other things involved.

It quest simple and easy, just follow the instructions below:

1) Convert your local number to international number just by adding your country code. For example if you are from Nigeria, Just add +234. Let say your number is 07066052228 it becomes +2347066052228 international number (+234 is country code for Nigeri, get your own country code and add it before your number).

2) Copy and paste this link

3) Add your number without the symbol in the front as seen in step 1 above. Thus, you have

4) Paste it and try clicking it to test if it works.

5) That is all

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DISCLAIMER: This is just to serve as information only and should not be used to scam others. We will not be liable for any issues that may arise thereafter. Use within legal outline of your country

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