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5 Free Options for Synchronising Your RSS Feed to Twitter  

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Do you have an endless amount of time to allocate to Social Media?

We know your answer!

Automation of social media can be very bad for your business but some automation tasks make perfect sense. When you create a blog post, you’re going to want to tell your fans on twitter about it so why not automate the creation of this tweet? It saves a small amount of time but it’s one less thing to do.

Here are 5 tools to consider for this.

1. Dlivr.it – Comprehensive Functionality

Dlvr.it offers a free Basic plan which contains a lot of functionality. It’s easy to setup and good support is provided.  Here is some of the useful functionality:

  • Supports Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more. With a free plan, you can connect three social accounts and share from up to five feeds.
  • You can filter to include or exclude posts with specific keywords. The filter options allow you to filter on items other than content.  For example, you may not want to automatically post content from writers other than you.


3. Feedburner

4. WP to Twitter

5. Twibble

Source:  http://www.razorsocial.com/5-free-options-for-synchronising-your-rss-feed-to-twitter/

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