Nigerian army ranks and their salaries  

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The military forces are essential for every country. They have different functions and often divided into three parts - army, navy and air force. Knowing the rankings and symbols of the forces is necessary whether you want to become a part of the military or just to understand the role of the army in general. What is military in Nigeria?

Before discussing the army ranks, it is important to know what the military is and its primary task. The military is the armed forces.

The military is authorised to apply deadly force and weapons in order to protect the interests of the state and its citizens. It has to defend the citizens and the country in case of threat or declared war from another country. The military also may have other other functions in the country, for example: 

It means that the military has its infrastructure in a certain area. They may have: - Schools; - Banks; - Different utilities; - Logistics; - Food production; - Health and medical services. Types of military forces in Nigeria As we mentioned before the Nigerian forces are divided into three categories that have different functions and obligations: Navy The Navy is the water-focused military force. It is designed for naval and sea-related warfare.

Most of the Naval Headquarters of Nigeria are based in Abuja, Bayelsa, Calabar and Lagos. Besides that, there are naval bases and training facilities throughout Nigeria. The primary responsibilities of the Navy are:........


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