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UPDATE: This fundraising was canceled less than amount after launch just after second cntributor below.

And now made available via airdrop FREE HERE

Are you considering investing into a cryptocurrency token with viable platforms backing it like:
<> MyCDApp (World's No1 Cryptocurrency Dictionary App) and
<> Foskaay forum (No1 Africa's forum with uniqueness in sharing ads earnings with members to empower African youths).
Then, don't miss out on-going fundraising now before its sold-out


Hello Dear Prospective Investor,

We have finally round off preparation and officially launching Foskaay token sales, airdrop and bounties today with introduction of the PoHe algorithm to protect all our investors none will lose a dime of their invested capital.


What is Foskaay Token?

Foskaay token is the cryptocurrency to be used within Foskaay ecosystem which comprises mainly for now MyCDApp (World's N01 Cryptocurrency Dictionary) and this forum (Foskaay forum) as a medium of value exchange, payment for ads, rewards for participation on the forum and lot other things.


Why Foskaay Token is Different From Other Crypto Coins/Tokens?

Foskaay token is different from the thousands of coins and tokens out there because of some of the following reasons and features of the token:

i) It is based on PoHe algorithm therefore making it 100% safer to invest in because no investor will lose their investment (See section on PoHe for details how this works)

ii) It is only a utility token valid within Foskaay ecosystem 

iii) It does not deceive investors to proud itself as same with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Waves and others but its simply stated in the whitepaper that its not a payment based token. Not plan to compete for that.

iv) It will not be affected by Crypto volatility, price fluctuation and market crash because it is hedged with viable products/services and will not be released to be traded in exchanges, instead investors hodl for just 6months and then Foskaay team buys it back into the Ecosystem at a fixed price of 1FOSKAAY = $1 (20% exchange fee applies) from the profits made via advertisement on the platforms (MyCDApp and Foskaay forum).

v) Its is backed by real projects with targeted market of ;

  > Cryptocurrency Newbie via MyCDApp and

  > African youths via Foskaay forum (empowering African youths to earn legitimately online via Foskaay token rewards for forum activities and engagements which we also redeem for them into spendable coins/tokens like Waves, Ethereum, Bitcoin etc.).

vi) Only 600,000FOSKAAY in circulation and none will be additionally minted till all investors token buyback completed by Foskaay team for our advertisers use. Its based on Waves blockchain thus its transparent and easy to track and raise alarm to other investors in case the team attempt minting extra tokens secretly. We have created section with link under technical info below which takes you directly to the information page of the token on Blockchain which can not be changed or manipulated by anyone including Foskaay team because it is on Waves Blockchain not on our own centralized database. Thus, investors are protected

vii) First token not to leave its investors to surfer losses like many others leaving them to face exchanges listing/withdrawal strugles, market Bears, FUD, etc. and may sometimes never recover capital invested talk of profit. We simply buyback everything from investors and that is the Hedging technique.


Technical Explanation of Foskaay Token

Token Name: Foskaay
Platform: Waves
Identifier (ID): 29CReT1We2U3f8nFVKVL5T7MJ1PwJEnqujkFP6xVZRaM
Circulating Supply: 600,000FOSKAAY
Algorithm: Proof-of-Hedge (PoHe)
Monitoring Supply Link (to ascertain investors of no secret additional tokens minting):  http://wavesexplorer.com/tx/29CReT1We2U3f8nFVKVL5T7MJ1PwJEnqujkFP6xVZRaM


How do we get fund to buy back the tokens at about 500% profit back to investors?

Fund raised are to

i) Build new versions of MyCryptoDictionary (MyCDApp) on Android, iOS and others. Create different translations to cover the fast growing crypto community with people of different languages. Also aggressively marketing to hit up about 100,000 - 1,000,000 installs and users on Android and iOS combined. 

ii) To push Foskaay forum to become No1 forum in Africa with unique capacity of financially empowering African youths via redeemable rewards in form of Foskaay tokens for different activities done. We have started this already if you look around the forum we launched 25Weeks of Cash+Cards giveaway in October and run till week18 in December before it was suspended for further development of the forum and integration of Foskaay token. See whitepaper for details

iii) To develop and integrate reward system to make it possible to earn Foskaay tokens participating on Foskaay forum and actively using MyCDApp.

iv) Bills payment for website/App server upgrade to accommodate the surge and growth of users, SSL, 5years domain renewal for both platforms as sign to assure we are here to stay, programmers and marketing team bills also get settled.


We will generate the cash from Adverts on both platforms. 

For example MyCDApp is just about 3months old and only available on Android with about 850+ installs and 400+ active users having 10,000-15,000 daily pageviews on the App blog. Even with that small statistics, we have gotten about 4 adverts offers in the last two weeks (We provided screenshots as proof in the whitepaper, you can check there), imagine the adverts offers we will be able to execute daily, weekly and monthly if we are able to grow the community to 100,000+ installs and users. We would be able to net in around $20,000-$50,000 monthly for a start from in-App ads, Sponsored post/press release, Paid reviews, Paid push notifications to App users, Ads on the blog, CPM/CPC ads networks.

Same goes for Foskaay forumm if it could be pushed via aggressive marketing from money raised to hit minimum of 5,000 - 100,000 members.

All our advertisers will need to purchase Foskaay tokens via our dedicated reward platform to be built after the fundraising. Thus, creating a demand for Foskaay tokens and since we only have 600,000FOSKAAY in circulation of which 500,000FOSKAAY offered through this sale, 50,000FOSKAAY for bonus purchases, bounty and airdrops and 40,000FOSKAAY to be use for the first test phase of the reward system to be earned by forum participants and App users. The team has just 10,000FOSKAAY left for us which even if we decide to sell first will not be enough to cover advertisers demand within the 6months of investors holding the tokens, which may eventually force us to start the buyback from investors earlier than the 6months scheduled because we can not mint any other FOSKAAY token to add to the 600,000FOSKAAY already declared at the beginning of the sale due to the algorithm of PoHe the token is structured on.

And don't forget it is Blockchain, so you can always check the circulating total supply anytime and raise alarm to the investors community if you notice anything fishy. We could only mint additional tokens after we completely buyback sold tokens to our investors at agreed price stated in our whitepaper before the investment done and by then all investors paid back so no one is affect by the minting of additional tokens to cater for next phase.

After the 6months what happens to Foskaay tokens I bought since I can not trade it?

> We buy it back netting you 500% returns when compared to the price at point of investment

> We will buy back 8.33% of the total FOSKAAY tokens sold via the fundraising monthly for 12 months to completely buy all tokens back.

> It will be on first invest, first buyback order. Which means if you are the first to invest in this token, your tokens will be among the first 8.33% buyback in the first month and it continues till all completely buyback in 12 months consecutively.

To know more about other info like Team behind this, what MyCDApp, Foskaay forum and the unique algorithm PoHe is all about, CLICK HERE NOW TO READ OUR WHITEPAPER


How To Purchase Foskaay Token?

SALES of Foskaay Token

Start Date: February 18th- March 31st, 2018

Minimum Sale: $50 = 250FOSKAAY

Rate: 1FOSKAAY = $0.20 (0.028WAVES || 0.000240ETH)

Soft Cap = $25,000 (Twenty-Five Thousand Dollars)

Hard Cap = $100,000 (One Hundred Thousand Dollars)

Total Token For Sale = 500,000FOSKAAY

Accepted Currency: WAVES and ETH

Buyback Date: Starts from 6months after purchase and in order of purchase. Thus, its first invest first buyback and last invest, last on buyback list.

Buyback Rate: 1FOSKAAY = $1 (20% exchange fee applies)


How to contribute to get the Foskaay token?

Please only pay the accepted cryptocurrency listed above to their respective wallet and note that we will not be liable or compensate any investor deceived by anyone to pay into account outside of these official ones listed below (Check them very well before sending, no compensation for wrong address payment):

  • WAVES: foskaay

(just type that Waves address alias name in the receive address and make sure its correctly spelt and marked green as correct if shows red check spelling)

  • ETH: 0x7B6DDE23a733D7a2BBb36258C03BEf796276eBa9 


Note:  Before payment, do the following (Please follow all instructions below. All this is to make sure none of our potential investors fall prey of scammers pretending to be Foskaay team);

1) kindly signup to this forum and login (this forum only accept username is small letters no capital allowed)

2) Comment below this post;

 i) the amount you want to contribute

 ii) state if you are paying with Eth or Waves (if Waves its more preferable you pay via the same account to receive token)

 iii) state the Waves wallet to send your tokens to after payment (avoid exchange wallets your tokens will be lost)

And you should join our official telegram group below to message our admin (please don't send payment to any other members in the group).

You will get your tokens sent to your Waves wallet within 24-72hours after payment verified. Avoid sending Exchange based WAVES address to receive your token, only use the one you have the secret seeds to retrieve Waves based tokens.



We have 3 categories of bonuses as follows;

> First 10 investors (among first 25 investors) that purchase $1,000 worth of Foskaay token will get 10% extra

> First 5 investors (among first 25 investors) that purchase $5,000 worth of Foskaay token will get 15% extra

> First 2 investors (among first 25 investors) that purchase $10,000 worth of Foskaay token will get 20% extra


To know more about other info like Team behind this, what MyCDApp, Foskaay forum and the unique algorithm PoHe is all about, CLICK HERE NOW TO READ OUR WHITEPAPER


 Telegram Group: Click Here

Twitter: @FoskaayToken


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Foskaay Team

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Interesting project and wishing it a success

Amount: $70ETH for 350Foskaay tokens

Waves: 3PPNLZ1J34z7WWf5gbSef8BJUKc3c3kqrWP

payment done

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Amount to contribute is $500 in ETH and already removed link

Amount of Foskaay tokens is 2,500FOSKAAY

My Waves address to receive token is 3P5jSZku2kRF1345Aemvi7BViXHnMJrVy6h


I believe this project will be removed link Keep focus removed link ,

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25Weeks Cash+Cards Giveaway is back on this forum-N10k Weekly To Active Members: Claim Now!


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