More Venture Capitalists Joins Huobi HADAX Super Voting Nodes – See Their Top 5 Reasons  

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The cryptocurrency world is witnessing mass adoption gradually; brands and platforms with large financial portfolio are also joining the league to keep up with the disruptive trend and nature of the Blockchain tech era. One of those major noticeable moves is the Venture Capitalists joining one of the leading Bitcoin exchange Huobi HADAX Super Voting Nodes. In this article, we will have an in-dept discussion on top 4 reasons why HuobiPro HADAX Supernodes is attracting Venture Capitalists.

What is HADAX?

HADAX is an acronym of Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange owned by the popular centralized cryptocurrency exchange Huobi (also known as Huobi Pro).


2 Unique Features of HADAX Cyptocurrency Exchange

Considering the fact that the mother platform Huobi is already among top 3 Bitcoin exchange in the world as of today. One, then wonder why the need to setup another cryptocurrency exchange. Thus, we will look through some of the unique features integrated in HADAX which possibly could not easily be re-integrated into the already existing exchange HuobiPro.

1) Crypto Coin/Token listed on HADAX goes through thorough examination by the team; third party pro organization and the members through voting before it could be listed. This means chances of having shit coin/token scaling through all these though screening process is very slim and likely impossible thereby making HADAX a more saver exchange than other existing Bitcoin exchanges that list coin/tokens with little or no checkup on their project at all.

2) Crypto traders are more secured via token developers’ security fund: One of the essential prerequisite for getting listed on HADAX is Security Deposit. This means the token team are required to drop huge security deposit which they get back in 12 instalmental payments with 1year and in case their project fails and get delisted for whatever reason, the security deposit will be paid to users to cover any losses caused instead of been paid back to the team.

Cool, that makes every coin/token team to do their.....

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Posted : 12/06/2018 4:31 pm

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