Don't blame Buhari, political parties; defection is ingrained in our democracy - Ex-minister  

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The former minister of health, Alhaji Muhammad Pate, has said that Nigerians should stop blaming President Muhammadu Buhari for the mass defection among political parties, Pate said that defection has always been a trend in Nigeria's democracy for about 20 years, adding that this has brought about a dysfunctional system in the country - He further said that politicians defect to other parties towards the end of an administration for selfish reasons Alhaji Muhammad Pate, the former minister of health, has stated that neither President Buhari-led administration nor political parties were responsible for the massives defection rampant in the country. The ex-minister said that the issue of defection among politicians towards the end of every regime is a trend that is inherent in Nigeria's democracy, Vanguard reports.

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Posted : 06/08/2018 1:35 pm

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